xra165r – Team XRAY XB2 2024 Carpet/Dirt (#320015/16) Compatible Rubber Shielded Bearing Kit


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Metal / Rubber Shielded Bearing Kit Features:

      • High Quality Metal/Rubber Shielded Bearings
      • Our kits includes all bearings (Standard, Flanged, One-Way & Thrust if needed)
      • Extra bearings included for spares or on demand replacement needs.
      • Our kits comes packaged is a re-useable storage container for your spare parts, a great additional to anyone’s tool box.
      • Shielding Features:
        • Metal shielded bearing feature removable shields for cleaning and re-oiling.
        • Rubber shielded bearings offer the best defense from dirt and grime….great for off-road performance.
      • Performance Features:
        • Metal shielded bearing have less rotating friction than rubber shielded bearings, less friction = greater performance!
        • Rubber Shielded Bearings are packed in grease and will require a short break-in time for peak performance.


Bearings included + (1) extra of every size:

      • 3x6x2.5mm bearings
      • 3x8x4mm bearings
      • 5x8x2.5mm bearings
      • 5x9x3mm bearings
      • 5x10x4mm bearings
      • 5x12x4mm bearings
      • 6x12x4mm bearings
      • 10x15x4mm bearings

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