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hb004 - Heli Bulk Kit For 30/50/60/90 Size Helis - 900piece
  PRICE: $89.95

Monster Racers 900 Piece Metric Kit 30/50/60/90 Helis** Includes Set of Bondhus Wrenches (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm)**

Our Monster Racer Bulk Kits are comprised of a 17/18 compartment case with each compartment holding (50) pieces of each size listed below.  The Monster Racers 900 Piece Metric Bulk Kit is comprised of all the common size screws/nuts/washers/set screws for all 30/50/60/90 Helis.

Bulk Kit Contents:

    • Compartment (1): Stainless 2mm x 8mm Socket Head Cap Screw.
    • Compartment (2): Stainless 3mm x 8mm Socket Head Cap Screw  
    • Compartment (3): Stainless 3mm x 10mm Socket Head Cap Screw  
    • Compartment (4): Stainless 3mm x 16mm Socket Head Cap Screw  
    • Compartment (5): Stainless 3mm x 25mm Socket Head Cap Screw  
    • Compartment (6): Stainless 4mm x 8mm Socket Head Cap Screw   
    • Compartment (7): Stainless 4mm x 10mm Socket Head Cap Screw   
    • Compartment (8): Stainless 4mm x 12mm Socket Head Cap Screw   
    • Compartment (9): Stainless 3mm x 8mm Button Head Cap Screw
    • Compartment (10): Stainless 3mm x 10mm Button Head Cap Screw
    • Compartment (11): Stainless 3mm x 12mm Button Head Cap Screw 
    • Compartment (12): Stainless 3mm x 16mm Button Head Cap Screw 
    • Compartment (13): Stainless 3mm x 3mm Cup Point Set Screws 
    • Compartment (14): Stainless 4mm x 4mm Cup Point Set Screws 
    • Compartment (15): Stainless 3mm Nylon Lock Nuts 
    • Compartment (16): Stainless 4mm Nylon Lock Nuts
    • Compartment (17): Stainless 3mm Flat Washers
    • Compartment (18): Stainless 4mm Flat Washers


This product was added to our catalog on Sunday September 07, 2008.
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