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RCScrewZ FAQ about Screw Kits

Q: Do the screw kits come with Wood Type / Plastic Type Coarse Thread Screws?

A: Precision Machine Threads screws replace the stock "wood type screws" - Machine screws have (3) Times the thread for SUPERIOR hold! Some of the 1/5 scale screw kits (FG models) retain some of the coarse thread screws - by customer demand - but can be purchased both ways.


Q: Do RCScrewZ kits come with 2mm and 2.5mm micro screws?

A: Yes they do - and 2mm and 2.5mm Button Head Screws are commonly replaced with Socket Head Screws to prevent stripping on micro screws.  Counter-Sunk / Flat Head screws in 2mm and 2.5mm remain Phillips head.


Q: Are stainless screw stronger than the stock screws that come with the cars/truck/heli kits from the manufacturer?

A: Yes - we use A2-70/A4-80 Stainless Steel Screws (Button, Socket & Countersunk Heads) Set Screws, Nuts & Washers. They are stronger than stock steel screws but not as strong as titanium.


Q: Why are some screw lengths in my kit longer/shorter than needed?

A: RCScrewZ screws are prduced to standard manfacturing lengths (no odd lengths i.e. 23mm, 39mm and so on).  We will included longer screws which can be trimmed down to the manfucturers length (i.e. threading a nut on the screw, using a dremel or cutoff tool and trimming screw to length, and them removing nut to clean the threads for use).   Also some kits call for, eample, a 26mm length as to where a standard length of 25mm will work the same in most applications.


Q: Why use stainless? What are the benefits?

A: RCScrewZ screws are stronger than stock screws - which helps prevent stripping.  Stainless screws are rust resistant and provide a great polished look to any car, truck and heli.


Q: Do all RCScrewZ kits come with a storage case and complete set of wrenches for installation?

A: Yes all screw and bearing kits come with a reusable storage case and all screw kits come with a complete set of Bondhus short arm allen wrenches.  RCScrewZ recommends getting a Precision/Quality Set of Wrenches (Perferred are the sets by MIP, Losi, Aasociated & Hudy).  These sets offer precision ground tips for a better fit in the screw heads.


Q: What if I only need a couple types of screws not a complete kit - can I buy just the sizes I need?

A: We sell screw kits (100% replacement for any vehicle), BULK KITS - for spares or bulk building or INDIVIDUALLY - just in case you need one size!


Q: Do you screw kits included pins / screw pins / yoke drive set pins?

A: Our kits do not include any machined collared screws or screw pins (pins with threads on the end).  These are machined ground and hold a tolerance - also most manufacturers hold patents (or patent pending) on parts used on their products.


Q: Where do you find the screw locations for RCScrewZ kits?

A: The manuals or schematics can be found the vehicles manufacturers website - they give screw type and location, or if rebuilds/repairs are the process then the removal and replacement method is used.


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